The barn was originally an old cider barn. The doors and windows were just holes in a deteriorating building. The walls were crumbling, internally there was just a dirt floor with large oak beams creating a make shift first floor, the only access was by ladder. However, the good news.... roof was in an OK state, so that was a good!

OK where do we start? It is very exciting to have a blank canvass, but the decisions you make early on are the really important ones, how many bedrooms, where to put the stairs, do we make it open plan, how on earth do we cut through an enormous beam to gain access to the first floor without the whole building collapsing? 

After some very nerve racking moments, and with help, we managed to cut through the beam (without the barn falling down) and started to create some upstairs rooms. The photo on the left is a small 1st floorrelaxing area which all of our guests now love. The photo on the right is the double room which now has an additional small staircase leading to it. This bedroom is usually the favourite for teenagers and children.

So, how do we divide the rooms downstairs, after some thought, there was no question in making the barn open plan as it would have been a shame to close in any areas in as it had so much character.

Once we actually fitted the main staircase, and took away the ladder life became a lot easier.

Not only were the locals interested in what we were doing, our animal friends were too! As you can see we have a shy one, but trust us the rest are very curious. They are beautiful.

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