With your holiday excitement building, it could be easy to forget all those pesky essentials that you actually can’t do without. That’s why we’ve started a little list to jog your memory. Just give them a tick when they’re safely packed away – it’ll mean your holiday is one step closer too.

To help you make sure you have what you need on your arrival, if it helps you we are happy to provide a variety of packs that will be there waiting for you, so you can settle in then plan your shopping later:

The Essential pack 3€: Washin up liquid, bin liners etc 

The Toiletries pack 5€: Shower gel, shampoo etc

The Welcome pack 25€: Tea, coffee, wine...


Driving licence

EHIC card/holiday insurance

Money/Credit card

Drivers' kit (spare bulbs, warning triangle etc)

Car/House keys


Camera/mobile phone/batteries/memory card

Spectacles/sun glasses

Phrase book

Plug adapter

Sun cream   

What's included? Bath towels, bed linen and kitchen tea towels

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